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Vault Picks #13: August 2nd, 2019

In the spirit of the staff suggestions featured in record shops and old-school video stores (RIP), we share our Vault Picks. It’s a chance to venture beyond Indy Metal Vault’s premieres and reviews for a glimpse into other recent releases the staff have been jamming in their secluded lairs. From extreme underground oddities to non-metal recommendations and guilty pleasures, unlock our newest bevy of Vault Picks below.

Dinosaur Pile Up - Celebrity Mansions - Indy Metal VaultDinosaur Pile Up
Celebrity Mansions
Released on June 7th, 2019
Genre: Pop/Rock/Punk

Yeah, I’m about as confused on how to label this as I sound. Brought to my attention by my girlfriend, Celebrity Mansions is a bit of a humorous dig at heavy metal and punk culture that blends the pop-punk fun of Blink-182 and the riffs of Bad Religion. A bit awkward, but songs like “Thrash Metal Cassette” do complete 180 turns from fast punk riffs to a poppy-bridge in a matter of seconds. The occasional rapping makes an appearance in songs like “Stupid Heavy Metal Broken Hearted Loser Punk,” and I’ll admit that I’m not crazy about that. But the shift back into attitude driven rhythms helps keep you on your toes. Definitely a unique album at the very least.

-Nichalas Edward

Torso - Demonic Vomiting - Indy Metal VaultTorso
Demonic Vomiting demo
Released on March 10th, 2019
Genre: Death Metal

Two former members of Finland’s Torsofuck reunited under the new moniker Torso, and have released an incredible 3-song demo in the old style of death metal. It’s raw, it’s guttural, it’s groovy, and it’s nasty. The CD version is out now through Dark Descent and the cassette through Me Saco Un Ojo. Check it out if you like riffs.

-Kyle Messick

Malibu Ken - Indy Metal VaultMalibu Ken
Malibu Ken
Released: January 18, 2019
Genre: Hip-Hop/Electronic

A collaboration between rapper Aesop Rock and EDM artist TOBACCO. Rock, who is known for his amazingly deep and complex lyrics opens up to become more listener-friendly; mixing dark humor, storytelling, and self-deprecation to carry this, roughly, 30-minute album to soaring heights with the help of TOBACCO’s melodic and minimalistic beats. One song, in particular, might interest metal fans. Acid King tells the story of Ricky Casso, a druggy and metal-head that murdered teenager Gary Lauwers in a supposed sacrifice to the Devil and was one of the instigating incidents for the Satanic Panic.

-Bobby Ellis

Skuz - Death Mince Discography - Indy Metal VaultSkuz
Death Mince Discography
Released on July 26th
Genre: Death/Grind

Originally from Jersey, rabid death grinders Skuz are now a bi-coastal menace. Their Death Mince Discography from Horror Pain Gore Death collects their last 5 years of lethal activity in a compilation that’s like enduring an hour-plus shrapnel shower. When I showcased these guys at Decibel I compared them to Coffins and Acephalix, but there’s also a heavy dose of ‘80s grind. If you’re into necrotic riffs with hardcore punk vitality and a splash of gore, give this a spin and celebrate Skuz’s half-decade of grief.

Sean Frasier

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