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Album Stream: Overt Enemy – Possession

Texas thrash outfit Overt Enemy have been cultivating quite a following after the release of the debut EP Inception last year and from also being featured in the horror/thriller movie The Blood Tapes. Now the group of Texas riffsters are backed with a follow-up EP titled Possession!

What makes a thrash release for me are the riffs, and Overt Enemy delivers on Possession with so many standout ones contained in its four original tracks. Scorching dual leads from guitarists Leo Ortiz and Rob Hahn bombard you like an air raid from above with the highlights being their cover of  Slayer’s “At Dawn They Sleep” from their album Hell Awaits, the orchestral accompanied “In The End We Died,” and the pummeling onslaught in album opener “Possession.” Fans of all things thrash and especially Slayer will find a lot to dig here, and there are plenty of tempo changes to shake things up as well as sections that demand audience participation. All-in-all it’s a solid thrash release, and more importantly, it makes for one hell of an entertaining listen.

I’m sorry to say that Possession doesn’t drop until tomorrow, but luckily you can listen to the whole thing right now below. Gather yourself, scroll down, and give it a listen.

Possession comes out on August 9th. Pre-order the album here.

Connect with Overt Enemey:
Twitter/Instagram: @OvertEnemyBand

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