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Demo Review: Torso – Demonic Vomiting

Guitarist and drummer Tuomas Karppinen and bassist Mikko Friberg of notoriously obscene Finnish death metal band Torsofuck return with a new lineup and a new moniker, from which they give birth to Torso’s debut demo, Demonic Vomiting. This new band is a departure from the sound of Torsofuck’s 2004 album, Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy. It is a more mature work, devoid of samples of comedian Tom Green jerking off elephants. So although some of that infantile humor might be absent, there’s still much to love in Demonic Vomiting’s three tracks. And that’s not to say that there isn’t any humor here. This is death metal afterall, so you’re still in store for sexual acts with the dead and the defilement of women. Joining Tuomas and Mikko is vocalist Vesa Suhonen, known best for his previous work in Cumbeast.

The artwork is a black and white drawing by famed former Devourment vocalist Mike Majewski, which features a demon protruding out of a man’s mouth to tower over another man to vomit into that man’s mouth, hence the title Demonic Vomiting. And there are some bloody impaled heads too, because of course. The layout of the CD release, available now through Dark Descent Records, is crisp and clean. It features a booklet that incorporates the lyrics for the three demo tracks over a backdrop of Majewski’s cover artwork.

All three songs are certifiable death metal bangers. The production is a bit lo-fi, but there is plenty of grit and bottom end to the mix. The music is death metal in the old style: heavy riffs, guttural vocals, and without a bunch of flashy playing, polish, or gimmicks. Each of the three songs is lyrically more depraved than the last.

The first song, the title track, kicks off the demo with a slow buildup before throwing the listener head-first into the cacophony that they’re in store for, immediately following the introduction with a growl that introduces the first nasty groove of the demo, which is just elevated further by Tuomas’ varied drum approach and leads that add atmosphere and impact to the underlining riffs. Once the vocals kick in, we’re treated to a tale of a religious man experiencing an especially unpleasant and blasphemous death, featuring boiling brains, melting eyes, suffocation, and chronic defecation. The vocals stay in the lowest registers, becoming almost indecipherable as they switch between murky gutturals and another variety with slightly more gurgle.

The second song, Rotting in Chunks, continues the statement of intent established in the first song, with all instruments and vocalist Vesa jumping immediately into the fray, before hitting us with another brutal groove. The lyrics on this track are about the skinning and dismemberment of a woman whose body is left to rot as a pile of meat. A brief solo is thrown in that adds another layer of depth to Torso’s old school onslaught.

The final track, Ejaculate Inside the Carcass, is a churning maelstrom in brutality, alternating between mid-paced blasts and heavy-as-a-really-heavy-thing grooves. Whereas the first song made a victim out of religion, and the second of women, the third song gets us fully into the final depth of death metal’s lyrical trinity via necrophilia. This song has plenty of corpse fondling and mutilation to make the album a great companion piece for a night of horror movies and debauchery.

Many bands are playing death metal in the old style nowadays, actively avoiding polished productions and virtuosic playing, but it’s always an additional joy to see the people that helped popularize this style help reignite it. Torsofuck are presumably dead, dismembered, raped, and buried – but that’s okay when Torso’s debut is this good. It’s disgusting and everything I’d hope for from three death metal veterans. If you’re looking for something flashy or something avant-garde and thought-provoking, then look elsewhere. But if you’re still spinning albums by bands like Devourment and Gorgasm, then this is a demo you should check out.

Find the demo on tape and digital through Me Saco Un Ojo Records and the CD through Dark Descent Records.
You can follow Torso on Facebook.


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