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Album Review: Threering – Dark Tranquility

Progressive Metal can be a strange thing. It’s sometimes anything but progressive, more like an old comfortable pair of jeans that are nice to put on. Las Vegas prog outfit Threering has released an albums worth of new music titled Dark Tranquility. This is a solid collection of music, and I feel strongly in saying, if this had been released in 1998 it would have been a huge deal.

Apparently, these guys caught someone’s attention with their debut release as they recorded Dark Tranquility at Matt Sorum’s (Guns N Roses) studio in California. It’s clear some effort went into this album as the production here is top-notch and sounds gorgeous. As well it should be noted that the band consists of only two recording members who both seem to be pretty great on their instruments as they really do grab the prog metal vibe and go with it. All this said, this is a rockin’ good album

The title track opens with a very Dream Theater drum and bass sound and an aggressive compressed but clean vocal line. The band describes themselves as a prog metal band, a rock band with the same genetic material bands as diverse as Pink Floyd and the entire NWOBHM sounding bands, and I cannot argue. When picking this album to review, I was drawn to the description. It did not disappoint from note one.

Stand out track, “The Darkness We Pray” seems to be the “single” if you will; a bleak analysis of the world full of all the lyrical doom and gloom you might need to feed your inner progressive blackness:

Silence can be so deafening
Lift me up, fallen angels sing
Toxic seas, rise and fall
One miss-step to just end it all
Into the darkness, we’re praying for

Threering’s new release is just the sort of sonic exploration a modern progressive rock fan is looking to be reminded that rock is absolutely not dead. Pick it up from their Bandcamp here.

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