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EP Review: Ripper – Sensory Stagnation

Earlier this year, I discovered the Chilean thrashers Ripper and the beauty known as their old-school death/thrash debut Raising The Corpse. Their follow-up Experiment Of Existence was a bit disappointing due to it feeling the need to cleanse the production and overstay its welcome, but it wasn’t a bad effort. That brings us to Sensory Stagnation, the new EP that falls somewhere between the two and leans a bit heavier on the death metal side of the spectrum.

That being said, it isn’t overly clean or polished like before, but done-up enough to lay on solid riffage and allow the bass-lines to crack the surface quite often. Those are what keep the flame alive for the majority of the run, as the instrumentation is the only thing that retains the heat. Proggy construction and weird passages are snapped onto the title track, and the drums play a very large part in this due to the timing. A wall of repetition passes the forefront between the instruments for a full minute until dropping into a solo.

“Like A Sacrilege” is another standout tune because of how booming the chugs are. Molding these into the faster layers is the name of the game, up until the slower, high-pitched licks introduce the strongest solo on Sensory Stagnation. In fact, this song is probably the best song off of this in general. Outside of these couple standouts, a lot of it is similar to what Ripper did on their last full-length.

Seeing that this is only about twenty minutes in length, it works as an easy dose of abrasive death/thrash. I’d say there’s a slight step up from the previous effort, but not by a whole lot. The shorter time and a few killer tactics are definitely the reason for this, but I wouldn’t call this anything mind-blowing. This EP is for sure worth hearing for all fans of the genre.

Sensory Stagnation will be released on September 30th, 2019 through Unspeakable Axe Records.

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