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Album Review: Infirmity – Descendants Of Sodom

Rising from the west coast here in the U.S. is a death metal outfit by the name of Infirmity, with their debut hitting the scenes after a few EPs and a demo. Descendants Of Sodom is a fairly quick listen that consists of old-school death metal songs combined with aspects of the newer melodic death acts. Definitely a different approach, as the passages jump from raw and aggressive blows to cleaner licks quite rapidly.

Thankfully, they don’t bring an annoyingly shiny and glossy production with the melo-death package. However, keeping it slightly clear creates an adhesive to allow deep gutturals and higher shrieks to stick together firmly and not sound out of place. Usually, the quick heavier chugs back the former while the latter meshes in with the longer and more intricate songs. You can also expect drawn-out bridge repetition for the less straightforward numbers, which is heavily implemented in the title track.

For those looking for something a bit more accessible, you’ll find your gold in tunes like “Darkness Reigns Supreme,” and the solo work here is on point. You can also dig up fast bangers like “Plastic Idols – The Obsessed.” That one doesn’t even hit the two-minute mark and is clouded with tremolos and fuming bursts of drum kicks. So structurally, Descendants Of Sodom is somewhat wavy.

Seeing that Infirmity kept things short and sweet, their debut fares as something relatively easy to get into and would work as a gateway to anyone curious about the newer generation death metal groups. This isn’t something that I’d need to revisit down the road much, but a couple listens is totally worthwhile, and the song construction in itself is strong.

Descendants Of Sodom will be out on November 9th, 2019 through Lost Apparitions Records. A bit far away, but you can pre-order it here.

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