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EP Review: Tyrannus – Tyrannus

Tyrannus are a fresh new two-man project from the United Kingdom that have only one release under their belts, the self-titled EP Tyrannus. Whether they take the name from the biblical character, the species of bird, or the comic book character, the music itself is drawn from an abrasive platform. Being a pretty short blast of only three songs plus one Megadeth cover (depending on your version), this isn’t anything too difficult to swallow.

The strongest feature here is easily the guitar tones and tracks. The riffwork has such a nasty grit, and the bass-lines are sharp enough to stand out. I can also appreciate the solo at the end of the first track “Bad Spirit,” as it’s placed nicely above everything and is likely the strongest point in this song. “Repeating Misery” is also crafted on proggier rhythms that are less threatening but neatly touched. Admittedly, it makes this feel like a collection of songs thrown together rather one executed idea.

What anchors Tyrannus down significantly is the vocal delivery. Those who are loyal to black metal may not have such an issue with them, but they’re extremely throaty and quite frankly, too high in the mix. The cover of Megadeth’s “The Conjuring” is spot on instrumentally, and hearing it with this atmosphere is fun enough. But the voice sounds like a struggling Dave Mustaine backed by even less oomph. I can’t really say any of the original tracks utilize this to their advantage either, and for the most part, it buries the potential shown behind it.

This early on, it’s easy to blame such things on the fact that there hasn’t been any time for growth. The band draws influence from great sources, and put their own spin on it. It just isn’t at a point where I can honestly say things are ideal. Worth hearing, as it’s quick and energetic.

Tyrannus was released on March 21st, 2019. You can find it here.

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