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Album Review: Night Resident – Night Resident

Hailing from Athens, Greece comes a doom metal act by the name of Night Resident. They’ve had nothing to their name until the self-titled debut hit, a pretty “lite” breed of doom metal if you will. Really, it’s quite depressive and reflects a much slower and thicker version of the beloved Idle Hands album that dropped earlier this year. As smooth as everything is, it’s far more of a mood album than anything, and it’s better heard without distractions in order to gain the emotional output.

Naturally, lyrics revolving around hopelessness, sadness, and giving up aren’t going to make themselves scarce. Additionally, the subject of loneliness makes a recurring appearance throughout, which can be felt even in the instrumental passages alone. Somber sounding doom riffs make up the bulk of that along with a very clear bass presence. “I Have Failed” capitalizes on all of this, and uses the bass-ridden notes and guitar effects to transition into “Something Wrong With The Sky.” That allows for this tune to have a more striking intro and heavier riffs that together have such a strong rumble.

Faster moments aren’t very common, but one song does stick out in this vein. “Bright Red Eyes” uses a tight chord progression that slowly picks up momentum, in turn creating more friction for the end of it. The most common thing between all of the sounds is the thick bottom for a foundation. This makes the higher leads rise above everything, such as the trickling licks in “When Shadows Call.” The solo in that one gives off a brighter feeling, working as a small break from the sorrow.

To tie everything together, Night Resident is garnished with clean and melodic vocals that drop in harmony here and there. A dark operatic feel is definitely present for the majority of this, mostly due to the vocal styles. Maybe not the album to bust out for a bright and sunny day, but in the correct mood, it’s quite excellent. Anyone that wants a taster of lighter doom metal with plenty of depressing emotion, this is where you get off.

Night Resident was released on September 3rd, 2019 through Moon Rapture Records. You can find it digitally and in vinyl on the Bandcamp page.

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