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Demo Review: Midnight Spell – Between The Eyes

It always does me a great big happy to discover a band in the works that embraces the glam metal aesthetic. More importantly, I love when it’s done well and not just corny for the sake of being corny. That said, Midnight Spell fall right into this description. They only have one demo out thus far titled Between The Eyes, which may not be much to go off of. But I’ll be damned if it doesn’t show a promising future!

Stylistically, they’re actually quite unoriginal; however that isn’t a reason to dislike it. For a demo, the production quality is suspiciously clean. That allows this to reflect tunes that draw similar connections to early Stryper, and perhaps some Steeler as well. “The Bitter End” is a muscular banger that shows the singers strong pipes, not needing to use falsettos for support. Better yet, the riff-work here is primal and magnificent. I can’t really say the same about the title track and opener, for no other reason than the pinch harmonics being overbearing.

The back two tracks keep the same make-up; however the rhythms in “To The Stars” have a harder edge to them and tease a heavier approach. Vocally though, it’s quite the opposite, as there isn’t as much of a push. Moreover, this tune is on the longer side (about six minutes) and allows the whole band to shine; plus, that solo is absolute fire! Between The Eyes ends with “Berlin (Savage),” a powerful number that displays one more helping of the same ‘ol fun.

I wouldn’t call Midnight Spell mind-blowing (yet), but man oh man do they show some good signs of what to expect in the future. Fans of the early stages of metal that weren’t as abrasive, but also not poppy should dig this nice slice of heavy/glam metal pie!

Between The Eyes came out on April 12th, 2019 and can be found in CD an cassette format, as well as streamed here.

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