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Demo Review: Bog Body – Through The Burial Bog

Bog Body aren’t the type of band that I find myself dipping into very often, but I’ve definitely found some bands of their type that I dig (such as Undeath). The New York act has got one demo to their name titled Through The Burial Bog, and it sounds pretty close to what the cassette-art suggests. Looking at this, it isn’t too hard to tell that it’s a grainy and dry slab of super-rare death metal meat. Aiming strictly to capture a feeling rather invoke anything substantially musical, the booming sludgy bass rhythms consume the listener into what feels like being sucked into a dark pit of tar, unable to break free. As a matter of fact, the bass does this all on its own, because there are no actual lead guitars present. Vocally, it rides right alongside with disgusting outbursts of noise that don’t even come close to sounding like anything but agony. And to top it all off, there isn’t so much as a note that feels welcoming in any way possible. This is all well and good, and when in the right mood, a short sample of Hell is exactly what satisfies my hunger.

But that doesn’t make it a pleasant listen!

Yes, something as coarse and sludgy as this isn’t meant to do more than give you that sinking feeling in your gut. But the issue is that the jig is up after only the first song of the four. The entire release comes in just under the twenty-minute mark, and I can’t say that there are any moments that break the tracks up. The rhythms are basically the same the whole way through, the vocals have no shifts in any way, and there is hardly a change in pattern anywhere. I know that Through The Burial Bog isn’t meant to utilize melody, vocal range, or anything that is regarded as abstractly or musically “good.” The band is able to make their point within the first track alone, but after that, the rest just does the exact same thing. I find myself wanting more, but nothing more really shows up. For some, this may be a huge turn-on, and in that case, I say more power to you; go buy it! But for me, I can’t find any reason to revisit this. Taking on an effort like this was a bit of a ballsy move on my part in the first place, but oh well.

Through The Burial Bog came out on October 18th, 2018 independently. It can be found right here!

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