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EP Review: Rank And Vile – redistribution of flesh.

Time for a Rank And File of Rank And Vile’s discography or in other words, a review of their only EP. Portland, Oregon, is starting to seem like a breeding ground of bands who pump out disgusting and gory, albeit great riffs. Like Coffin Rot, Rank And Vile hail from this area and give the same filthy sensation with their EP redistribution of flesh., except they have much more hardcore-filled innards. Thus, we get a deathgrind release that’s packed with grainy, Swedish-death-type tones coming in just under the twenty-minute mark.

It should go without saying that stomping passages are going to dominate most of this short ride. “cabal therapy.” takes this approach and sends speed and drum-blasting into overdrive for short bursts throughout. The cymbals backing the dual vocal styles gave it a nice touch. “grey goo.” is dominated by bass, maintaining the same rhythmic layout while varying the speed. Plus, there’s a small guitar solo tacked to the end that shan’t be missed.

redistribution of flesh. gets a bit political with “omb.” The first half is littered with spoken word tracks from statements around the white nationalist rallies in Charlottesville, VA, in 2017. They then blow this away with bludgeoning speed riffs and screeching noise under pissed off vocals. The way the album ends is the most trudging, with “the grigori.” This is a painful, slow-burner that brings back the fast intersperses and throws in lone drum moments. Pretty superb number to go out on.

But, with this genre, you can’t go into it expecting anything new, and if you end up getting it, then you’ll be more than surprised. As for what we’ve got before us, it does the style some great justice with worthwhile explosions of sound, despite not being too innovative. Fans of Nails should definitely give it a whirl.

redistribution of flesh. will be out on October 18th, 2019. You can find it on vinyl and cassette, along with merch and bundles on their Bandcamp page.

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