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Track Premiere: The World Without Us – “I Am The Mist”

When you think of death metal, do you think of crystal clear vocals that hold a lot of melody? How about fluorescent colored album covers, no? Perhaps you picture the musicians wearing dashing polos or button-up shirts? I can’t say I do either, and if anything, that may bring on the mindset of a metalcore group. But I’ll be damned if The World Without Us don’t pick the proverbial berries from bushes of both genres. What’s extra spicy is that the end-product doesn’t blend in well with either genre.

That’s right, The World Without Us are a very unique outfit that combines death metal riffing, hardcore vocal screams, the occasional growl, some slamming, as well as clean melodies all at once. To give them an extra kick, there’s a whole storm of prog-construct that clouds over everything. Essentially, we get some hybrid of progressive death metalcore that has an alt-rock undertone. Are you confused yet? Well lucky for you, there’s an easy way to fix that. Today I’m bringing on their song “I Am The Mist” for you to hear to get an idea of what exactly I’m talking about. Have a taste for yourself before the entire release Incarnate comes out on October 25th. What are you waiting for? Give that button a punch!

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