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Album Review: Bastardizer – Dawn Of Domination

It’s always a great day when you stumble upon something that has “generic thrash” written all over it, only to find that it’s basically a Venom grandchild you never knew you needed. Witchery were the band that took their humor, image, and style to the next generation, and I believe that Bastardizer is the perfect band to represent how today’s bands do it. Sure, there are endless blackened thrash acts out there, but not that follow that family gene-pool like Dawn Of Domination, mixing in other classic riffing so well.

Blasphemous lyrics and harsh delivery are obviously gonna be key ingredients in the formula. This is as straightforward as it gets, without getting too edgy, attempting at being evil. Rock ‘n roll attitude and build keep everything steady, which can be heard in “Demons Unleashed.” The solo that’s sported at the beginning couldn’t be more ’70s if it tried, and it doesn’t take away from the thrash rhythms and tremolo-transitions. To take that even further, you get “Whiskey ‘Til Death,” which throws back to the vibes of drinking and scoring. Truly, that one is a black ‘n roll masterpiece. Vanik also makes a guest appearance on vocals and guitar in “Midnight In Hell,” adding more spooky flavors.

No doubt, there’s plenty of silliness and humorous plays-on-words to make the dark feel a touch lighter. “Up The Ante” is quite cheesy but fulfills the task of capturing the classic simplicity, and winds up molding into the phrase “up the Antichrist.” Admittedly, the lyrics are a tad heavy-handed. You can also find thrashers that dial back the speed a bit and focus more on punchiness, warranting gang chants, and a harder delivery. My only real issue is that this could be trimmed some, namely the last two songs making Dawn Of Domination run just shy of the mark of perfection.

Everything presented is still solid, though. Joel Grind’s production, the rock ‘n roll patterns, the comprehensiveness, the thrash-riffs, and a blackened coating make this an album very much worthwhile. Though this isn’t anything uncommon, it’s seldom that such releases are so memorable. Anybody that digs extreme music falling into those categories should feast their ears, especially fans of Venom or Witchery — also a good spin for the Halloween season.

Dawn Of Domination came out on September 17th, 2018, and can be found right over here.

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