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Album Review: Serpent – Trinity

Serpent are a Swedish doom band that existed over two decades ago, dropping two albums in the nineties before disappearing. Although the group never fully reformed, they had one more record in 1999 that never actually saw release up until 2016. That album goes by the name of Trinity, and it’s a bit of a tough one since it clearly reflects the time but also fits in with today’s modern doom bands.

Trinity is one of those albums that starts off promising but deteriorates over time. Vocally, the lead singer sounds like an Ozzy Osbourne clone with the tone and delivery. After a while, it takes a step away from that due to the overly drawn-out riffing, such as on “December Morning.” But songs like “Serpent Bloody Serpent” feel a lot more life-like and deliver stronger (gee, that title doesn’t seem familiar in the slightest).

Despite sounding rather void and absent of inspiration through the bulk of the run, I have to give credit to the other side of the album. “Disillusions” is jammed with high energy rhythms and stellar vocal performance. The bass bridge is also crafted tightly, reminding me a bit of Spirit Division. Sadly, the rest of the album hardly holds this level of momentum. I was hoping the final two tracks that follow this save it some more, but they left basically no impression.

Ultimately I can see why Serpent never made much of a mark. The idea here is on point, and there are a few moments that snap my attention. The rest of it just feels like a Black Sabbath copycat that brings little to be desired. Thankfully it isn’t a long album, and doom fans should check some of it out to satisfy their curiosity. But otherwise, I’d give this a pass.

Trinity came out on November 25th, 2016, through Vic Records.

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