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Demo Review: Chthonic Deity – Reassembled In Pain

One of the handfuls of Halloween releases this year entailed a cold and grimy demo by Chthonic Deity, based out of Denver, Colorado. Going by the name of Reassembled In Pain, it’s a very straightforward release only coming in around the twelve-minute mark, staying rather one-sided. But, for something with such a small amount of material, that’s to be expected.

Reassembled In Pain is a death metal effort that seems just a bit too concise for its own good, considering that this is a demo and the image projected might suggest otherwise. However, nothing is polished either, and the four tunes are digestible and written well. Admittedly, the first two songs “Drained” and “Disintegrating Organs” (or side A) don’t really suggest anything too interesting. The vocals are the highest standout because of the echoing trail they leave. Nothing against the instrumentation, but it certainly couldn’t be any safer if it tried.

Side B changes that by taking the same approach but incorporating a much heftier fuel-source. “Echos Of Death” is a faster punch that delivers the strongest solo present, and again, seeming oddly clear for what was expected. But that doesn’t diminish this in the slightest. Closer “Blood Ritual” is the most unique song as stompier passages are integrated, and the wailing guitars reach their most chaotic point. All of this is backed by a rhythm that’s so hooky that I’m still humming it.

I was certainly expecting something a bit muddier and gross sounding based on the album cover and the format. But what’s here is strong enough within itself, and Chthonic Deity give a good idea of what a full-length might entail in the future. The second half also saved it from the safety of monotony. Death metal goers should absolutely sacrifice the twelve minutes to hear it.

Reassembled In Pain came out on Halloween of 2019 through Carbonized Records. Find it digitally here, or pick yourself up a tape right here.

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