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Album Review: In Pain – The Sound Of Death

In Pain are a band that have been around since the early ‘90s, seeing the rise of the Swedish death metal movement and contributing a few demos to it. It wouldn’t be until over twenty-five years later that we’d see a full length, and this year brought it before us in a package known as The Sound Of Death. The album art was what caught my attention (the goofiness of a corpse holding a pedal from under a grave), and it’s safe to say that there are some heavy horror vibes here. My immediate thought was that this would be some sort of throwback type of OSDM.

And I was correct! Moreover, In Pain couldn’t bask deeper into the trenches of grainy Swedish buzzing if they tried. But amazingly, the drums are what I found to be the most impressive. “B.T.K.” implements them to back a calmer and creeping build, making them stand out. The fills here are also incredible, and to add to it, the chorus is oddly catchy. That’s especially weird seeing how the vocal approach is taken. The range is anywhere from normal gutturals to dropped ones that are so muddy that they bury themselves into the rhythmic dirt.

“It Was Meant To Die” has an incredible transition from that song, being explosive from the hard-hitting chugs and roaring vocals. Another focal point is the frequent use of tremolos. “Shallow Grave” welds the immaculate drumming to waving key-alterations on the leads, creating a beefy bridge that sticks in the head. Admittedly, The Sound Of Death does begin to show signs of running out of ideas by the last couple of tracks. “The Shadows From The Ancient Tomb” has such little variance in riffage that I can hardly tell it apart from others. In contrast to that, the closer “Rise To The Deep” does some revival by starting on an alarming sequence of higher notes and contains a concise, mini-epic feel.

Thankfully, this is a manageable album that doesn’t overstay its welcome despite having a few spotty moments. At the very least, In Pain have a good identity and make for a pretty promising group. Swedish death and OSDM cravers should seek this out for sure.

The Sound Of Death came out on September 27th, 2019 through Southcoast Productions. Find yourself a CD or vinyl (available in black or colored) and hear it digitally right here!

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