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Album Review: Warsenal- Feast Your Eyes

Let’s just call this album fast and leave it at that. Okay, just kidding, but looking at the other components on this album, there’s more than meets the eye. It takes a few listens to absorb Feast Your Eyes, but Warsenal isn’t fucking around in the musicianship department. The guitars on this album are ridiculously spastic, almost to the point of obliterating your attention span. They can feel excessive at times, but the sheer volume of tempo changes on Feast Your Eyes is hard to come by.

The vocals meet at that unmarked spot on the metal map where grit and quirkiness met to have a drinking contest involving plumbing supplies. All hyperbole aside, Feast Your Eyes is very thorough in treading ground. If you’ve been into this kind of music for a while, it’s not difficult to identify the bands that make up Warsenal’s source code. Still, the Quebecois trio meticulously utilizes that code to carve their own identity.

Getting back to Warsenal not fucking around, it doesn’t take long to discern that they know what they’re doing. The album’s fourth track, “Lords of Rifftown,” and “Insatiable Hunger”  are the best demonstrations of everything Warsenal has in their armament. In spite of Feast Your Eyes tossing you around with its tempo changes, it becomes easier to acclimate to the album once you expect them.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention: Feast Your Eyes does thrash pretty hard. Feast Your Eyes is an album that’s already difficult to listen to sitting still, so don’t be surprised if you’re ready to break stuff once you make it to the latter half of the album. “Doomed From Birth” and “You Better Run” continues the assault that the preceding tracks established, and the last three songs (particularly “Burning Ships” and “Crystal Whip”) are so fast that they jerk off the old lycanthropy.

While Feast Your Eyes isn’t a perfect album, it’s foolish to underestimate Warsenal’s boldness, competency, and knowledge. They have the chops and the tradition to get heads banging along with enough lunacy to keep listeners on their toes.

Feast Your Eyes will be released on November 15th through Svart Records.

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