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Demo Review: Seventh Circle – Cycle Of Violence

Coming from the hot and summer-like state of California comes a band that represents anything but that. Seventh Circle create a crushing style of death metal that’s so compact that it sinks into the proverbial ground. Cycle Of Violence, their first demo and recording only offers thirteen minutes of music, but makes its point very clear in those thirteen minutes. This sets out to drown out any signs of light or hope.

And they do exactly that! Cycle Of Violence more-or-less resides on the doom/death side of the spectrum, as the riffs come in at a slow yet alarming speed. “Death Mask” sets the stage with that exact presence, only to break into a groovier riff for the ending of it. Following that is “Dwelling Lucifer,” a more compelling tune. While it may be crafted on the same idea at first, it’s a bit longer and builds suspense as speedier drum-patterns take over the background. The ashes left over after the burning sensation make for a haunting and chaotic ending, and the spoken passages mixed among this add more dark life.

Closer “Babalon” is a short and to-the-point one that has a very different feel. The vocals on most of this demo are grueling growls to fill in the pores of the stomping rhythms, but that isn’t the case here. This one hones in more on a hardcore-styled yell, similar to what Sepultura adopted in the ‘90s. Rest assured, though, I wouldn’t compare this band to them, and I think it still fits pretty well, just a bit unexpected.

Seventh Circle make the perfect type of music for those seeking an unsettling environment for a quick shot of terror. Rough guitars, harsh vocals, and evil atmospheric tactics are the building blocks, and although I might have closed things a bit differently, this is a promising effort.

Cycle Of Violence will drop on November 29th, 2019 through Caligari Records. Find a CD or cassette copy of it right here.

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