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Track Premiere: Vofa – “I”

When a group of prolific funeral doom musicians who’ve put fifteen years of experience perfecting their craft announce a project, you best take notice. Hailing from the inner depths of Iceland and calling themselves Vofa, they’ve prepared the earth with blackened screams and otherworldly time signatures for their self titled debut on Funere Records.

Within seconds the album takes a glacial dirge paced guitar sets the stage perfectly, like the mysterious hand draped in black cloth conducting an orchestra that bends sounds to it will. The music constantly keeps you guessing as it exchanges between bleeding the heavens dry or an abyss of nothingness that eats everything. Each moment more intense than the last. Three nameless segments crawl along at comic deity fury and snail’s pace filled with so much volume every funeral doom worshipper of Thergothan, Mordor, and Bell Witch will cull away satisfied. Listen to “I” now and order here for a limited to 500 CD edition.

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