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Track Premiere: Keelrider – “Sun”

Iceland was settled by Vikings in a fury and is now home to many of the gnarliest musicians in the world. We bring you the next juggernauts to that mantle, Keelrider. They’re grunge soaked stoners who have been churning together every genre bleeding from doom since 2015 — proggy time signatures glossing over southern rock traditions. In 2018 their self released debut album North began their independent reign on the genre as a whole by destroying the competition Unsigned Showcase Showdown at the “All Things Metal Podcast.” 

Now onward to their newest song, “Sun.” The vocal style of Björn Birnir has an almost molasses-like quality. It so thick your speakers and mind will be caked in it. The guitars of Benedikt Sveinbjörnsson (rhythm) and Stefán Pétur Bachmann Bjarnason (lead) bob around each other in a near antagonistic fashion. Like each riff completely refuses to be outdone. To keep things grounded, the drumming of Pétur Pétursson and bass of Egill Fabien Posocco keep things in tow. Fans of Eyehategod, The Melvins, Thou, and Alice In Chains, come worship the amplifier with their second album Second Wind available next summer at or get completely left in the rubble.


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