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2019 Extravaganza

30 Nasty 2019 Demos That You Have to Hear

This year has been incredible, not just for monstrous LPs, comeback EPs, and ambitious splits, but also for incredible demos.  And not only are there many incredible demos from this year, but the vast majority of them have also been released in multiple physical formats.  For fans of raw black and death, you’ll find much to love in these 30 demo recommendations from this year:

Anthropophagous – Spoiled Marrow
A brand new, absolutely filthy death metal band out of Massachusetts.

Burial – Presence from The Beyond (Facebook)
Lovecraftian horror death metal from Italy with meat-and-potatoes riffs paired with ultra-low vocals

Cemetarian – Tomb of Morbid Stench (Facebook)
This sounds exactly as the title describes, and I mean that in the best way.

Chthonic Deity – Reassembled in Pain (Facebook)
Raw death metal featuring past and current members of Ascended Dead, Blood Incantation, and Extremity.

Civerous – Demo MMXIX
Death metal with elements of black and doom out of Los Angeles

Coexistence – Demo 2019 (Facebook)
This is the only progressive death metal demo on this list, and it features fretless bass, riffs ready to transport you to outer space, and plenty of beautiful melodies

Distant Fear – Mortal Column
A new, raw black metal band that plays in a mid-paced, old-style out of New Zealand

Excarnated Entity – Stillborn in Ash
Rotten death metal demo debut from current and former members of Cerebral Rot and Mortiferum.

Frozen Soul – Encased in Ice (Facebook)
Caveman death metal riffs compliments of Maggot Stomp, a quickly rising label specializing in this sound. They’re surely the coldest thing to come out of Texas.

Grave Infestation – Infestation of Rotting Death (Facebook)
Second demo by this Canadian death metal band playing death metal so vile that it makes the hairs on the nape of your neck stand on end

Gutless – Mass Extinction (came out digitally in 2018 but some physical versions in 2019) (Facebook)
Raw Australian death metal perfection from members of Rort, Sewercide, and Vile Apparition

Malignant Altar – Retribution of Jealous Gods
More caveman death metal from Maggot Stomp from members of Ingurgitate, War Master, and Church of Disgust

Mephitic Corpse – Immense Thickening Vomit
Overwhelmingly raw and heavy death metal demo from a promising Californian prodigy

Mortal Incarnation – Lunar Radiant Dawn (Facebook)
Meaty death metal out of Tokyo with hints of doom to add atmosphere

Ossuary – Supreme Degradation
Old school death metal with black metal-esque vocals out of Wisconsin

Perfide – Perfide Demo 2019
Raw, old-style black metal out of The Netherlands that draws heavy inspiration from the history of their country

Phobophilic – Rehearsal 2019
This raw live demo from North Dakota’s Phobophilic features ridiculously low vocals over a tight band churning through a series of raw death metal originals

Prosanctus Inferi – Pulpit Sychophants (Facebook)
It has been six years since we last heard from this promising band out of Ohio that has a unique mix of black and death.  It’s great to have them back!

Rotted – Dying to Rot (Facebook)
The new demo from Chicago’s Rotted is their best material yet, featuring ultra-low vocals and crushingly heavy death metal out now through Maggot Stomp

Sanguisugabogg – Pornographic Seizures (Facebook)
Yet another crushing death metal demo debut from Maggot Stomp that basically sounds like an audio earthquake

Sedimentum – 2019 demo
Incredible debut demo by this Canadian outfit specializing in ultra-guttural, meaty death metal with occasional hints of melody

Sewer Rat – Sewer Rat Demo 2019
Acting as a brutish counterpoint to Dan Ozcanli’s virtuousic guitarwork in Nucleus, here he plays drums for a rough-and-tumble old school death metal band

Sněť – Promo (Facebook)
This two song death metal demo from a new band out of the Czech Republic includes an instrumental intro track and one proper death metal track

Tenebro – Demo #1
Appropriately Italian ultra-raw, ultra-guttural death metal that pays tribute to horror greats like Dario Argento

Torso – Demonic Vomiting (Facebook)
Members of the infamous Finnish death metal act Torsofuck have returned as Torso, and this debut demo is every bit as groovy and grotesque as you’d expect from veterans of this style of music

Ulcerot – Necuratu (Demo 1 2019)
This is a deathgrind band that features members of Pissgrave, Undergang, and Phrenelith and that’s exactly what it sounds like.  It’s amazing.

Undeath – Sentient Autolysis (Facebook)
This demo is raw death metal perfection out of New York.  Seriously, it’s so good.

Vermin Scourge – Barbaric Intolerance
A band that walks that vicious line between death metal and war black metal

Voimaton – demo 2019 (Facebook)
Buzzsaw death metal out of Chicago featuring Nucleus drummer Pat O’Hara

Vrenth – Demo #1
Foreboding death metal with a hint of black out of California

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