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Album Review: Ectoplasma – White-Eyed Trance

With mere weeks left until we reach the new year, I managed to dig up a Halloween release that somehow dodged my radar back in October. The Greece-based death metal outfit Ectoplasma dropped their third full-length album known as White-Eyed Trance. For the most part, this is a continuation of the grimy and gruesome style that they have immersed themselves in since the debut. The songwriting itself, though, is slightly more unique.

Fear not, as the music still packs in the ghoulish atmosphere, and nothing takes away from the harsh delivery. The riffing is extremely dense, made from buzzing rhythms played at extreme speeds. A fuzzy overcast is added, making them weigh a ton, thus so appealing. If that isn’t enough, the bass adds yet another layer to that, dropping its presence everywhere. As a result, other passages do get eclipsed from time to time. “White-Eyed Trance: Choronzonic Covenant” has a calmer lick thrown in when the songs dials back the speed, and you have to listen closely to pick it up. I’d also be lying if I said the drums don’t take a hit at times as well, but all of this is part of the fun.

Despite the rough production, there’s plenty that jumps above the surface of this murky, monster-infested lake. “Psychomanteum Immolation” boasts a lot of groovy bounces that are easy to catch onto. You also have to appreciate “Ghostly Emanations In The Mortuary” because of its ability to jump around the fretboard while grasping such intense picking. And what death metal addict couldn’t fall in love with the overall imagery and horror-tastic spices?

White-Eyed Trance is at a great spot on the wavelength of its type. The ideas aren’t too far off from what most OSDM lovers dig, but they also inject their own doses of tone and playing that create an identity for themselves. If nothing else, give this at least one spin for those skull-crushing heavy riffs and beefy vocal work.

White-Eyed Tracne came out on Halloween of 2019, and can be found in CD at Memento Mori, or digitally and in tape cassette format at Caligari Records’ Bandcamp.

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