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Album Review: Ciminero – Subterranean Awakening

Ciminero are a band that dropped their debut album at the end of last year, another one that I just missed before 2020 began. Based out of Finland, they make a mellower style of doom metal that would resonate well with fans of the stoner rock and metal genres. Their album titled Subterranean Awakening is a very digestible one, being brief and to the point.

Something that jumps out immediately is how gentle the flow is, despite establishing itself on heavy and beefy riffs. “The Sign” comes in with welcoming drum taps and smoothly layered grooves that aren’t too in your face. As the record progresses, they drop in more gloom and doom that reels the tempo back significantly. “Culto Notturno” is an interesting one, not only due to it being the lone track not in English, but the energy of the crunchy riffs with light solos glazed over top is very soothing. In fact, her soft vocals also cast a sense of calmness. Admittedly, as soothing as the vocals are, the range certainly doesn’t live up to the rest.

The shorter run-time definitely saves Subterranean Awakening a few points. A lot of newer doom tends to go on for way too long, using a one-sided approach the whole time. That’s how some efforts like such should be, especially for those who really dig deep into the genre. But as a casual doom fan, this would get old if it went that route. The pace shifts regularly enough to keep things relatively interesting, and some of the rhythm patterns boost it up. “Dare To Dream” is easily my favorite one from the second half.

For a band’s first release, this is a pretty solid effort. It’s very much something I would recommend to newer fans of the genre, as it doesn’t do anything too abstract, and it’s like swallowing a small pill. Obviously, something like this is going to be fairly loose, but perhaps tightening a few bolts will do wonders. I look forward to where Ciminero will go on future releases.

Subterranean Awakenings was released on November 15th, 2019. Find yourself a CD or digital version right here!

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