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Album Review: Midnight – Rebirth By Blasphemy

Ah, Venom. Their legacy retains the potency and shock all these years later with their filthy sound and pseudo-worship of The Horned One, still able to scare the kids and yet shaking their booties. Midnight (or Athenar, as he writes and performs all the music) have been hammering away at the Venom recipe for 17 years now, with all the Motörhead-isms and punky attitude firmly in place, yet always with a unique take on it.

Midnight’s previous records have all taken this influence and spat it out with varying shades of filth and fury, but Rebirth By Blasphemy feels like a fresh, uninhibited Venom at the peak of their powers. As always, the production is an afterthought (if thought of at all) that digs the grave even deeper and lends itself towards the punchy impact felt with Black Metal back in 1982. Buried within this dank tomb are riffs that are deadly catchy and that remain long after the last strains filter from your ears – something that Athenar totally advocates even though it’s not terribly ‘kvlt’ to be hummable. And, the 34 minutes of playtime are crammed with urgency and badass metal.

Opener “Fucking Speed And Darkness,” tells the listener everything that they need to know, a rip-roaring blast that lacks all subtlety and discretion but feels oh-so-good and charges the batteries. Other highlights include “Escape The Grave,” the bludgeoning “Rising Scum,” and the title track which, as Athenar tells it, is a negative lyrical diatribe against all humanity: “Just like you take a poop and you take a pee, you want the rotten shit to come out of your body because if you keep the rotten shit in your body, it’ll rot you internally.” It is this statement that sums up the vibe of the album, its misanthropic music, a fist-banging soundtrack to all the bile that he needs to expel, and lay on the audience.

Of all the amazing music that Midnight have released (and it has ALL been amazing), Rebirth By Blasphemy is by far the most cohesive and just feels… right. It’s comfortable without being complacent, urgent without being rushed, evil without even trying, and it genuinely gets the adrenaline pumping from beginning to end. It was recorded in mere days, and that adds to the raw addictive quality, not to mention that it captures the first-take energy that is lightning in a bottle. Athenar claims that it is a rebirth, a call to arms that will speak to his legion of fans, and I couldn’t agree more – this is pure molten steel for the few and the faithful, and it will end you.


RELEASE DATE: January 24, 2020

“Rebirth By Blasphemy”:

“Rising Scum”:


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