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Album Review: Necrogosto – Ancestral Bestiality

Because it wouldn’t be a nasty effort out of Brazil if it didn’t include the word “beast” somewhere, would it? Necrogosto are an act that takes a lot of influence from the first wave of black metal, pushing the style of bands like Hellhammer. Their debut album Ancestral Bestiality is a follow up to their debut demo released two years ago on the same label. This is very much a mini-album, coming in just past the twenty-minute mark. It’s made up of eight brief tracks, which include an intro, an interlude, and a closer.

Leaving us with five actual songs, Necrogosto deliver their brand of black metal with crusty and grindy surfaces. It’s not quite enough to deserve a blackgrind label, but the extremely harsh and noisy production shades this with a darker hue. The vocals collide heavily with the riffing, keeping them from jumping above sea level. Harder, high pitched shrieks are dropped here and there, such as with “Serpent Of 1,000 Eyes,” but I can’t say that it’s exactly pleasant.

The drums, on the other hand, render a gap between themselves and everything else. Clashes from the kit are a bit muffled, which helps them fit in with the overall tone. This isn’t an issue, but it’s very noticeable. “Perversions At Necrotemple” is probably the strongest song, simply because this one’s rhythms cooperate the best with the overall delivery. Thrashers could probably stand a taste of that one.

Ancestral Bestiality is obviously a self-aware release, and if it wasn’t so short, it would progressively feel more aimless. There isn’t a lot that goes into this disc. But what is there is serviceable enough for those who crave the hollow shell of crust and blackness. Probably not something I’ll revisit, though.

Ancestral Bestiality will be out on March 15th, 2020, through Nuclear War Now! Productions. No physical pre-orders yet, but you can find it digitally on the label’s Bandcamp page.

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