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E.P. Review: Galaxy – Lost From the Start

When it comes to metal, space isn’t the final frontier, although there’s plenty of evidence to support that claim and much that can be plugged into the theme. Adding to that evidence is Galaxy’s debut Lost From the Start, an E.P. full of surprises that defies expectations.

The most attention-grabbing trait of Lost From the Start is its contrast. Vocalist Phillip King unapologetically (and competently) lives in Rob Halford’s range, so it would be understandable to think this is going to be a straight-up metal album, that’s where Lost From the Start takes a sharp turn. To start with, the E.P. is very thrashy, which can be a bit of a surprise upon first listen but once things get going on “Dreaming Out,” it’s obvious that Galaxy not only know how to thrash but know how to get celestial with it as heard during the song’s halfway mark.

“Sons of Titan” continues the E.P.’s interstellar heavy thrash and is a good example of how all of this juxtaposition complements itself as opposed to stumbling over itself. Another example of this is the opening of “Paradise Divide,” where the trashing riffs don’t get in the way of King’s more ethereal take on classic metal vocalist form. In terms of the E.P.’s rhythm, especially the lead guitars, the music doesn’t overpower itself either. The guitars on seven-minute-long closer “Lost From the Start” brilliantly bounce between pure thrash fury and cosmic innovation.

So yes, there’s a lot of contrast to be found on Lost From the Start, and the best part is it isn’t forced, which is difficult to do when you’re melding subgenres and themes.

Lost from the Start was released this past November and is available for purchase at Galaxy’s Bandcamp page.

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