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Demo Review: Malignament – Demo I

Malignament are one of the quickest black metal bands to ever grab my attention if the album art wasn’t enough to spark my interest. They only have one demo to their name simply called Demo I, and it’s very digestible. Holding only three tracks, coming in around seventeen minutes total, all of them stand out in their own right. It isn’t annoyingly raw, nor does it cast repetitive riffing over long spans of time. So it makes sense that this Finnish band were able to reel in my ears.

It starts off very typical of the melodic side of black metal. “Call To Arms” wastes no time nailing us with blasting drums and atmospheric tremolo riffs that could have easily fallen into the endless wave of monotony. Instead, emotion is injected, and the vocalist leads us with gritty cries that flow so smoothly. They really managed to make something chaotic feel soothing. If that’s not enough, clean vocals are thrown in at the end to boost this track even more.

Following that is “Wolf And The Moon,” which is musically similar, if not more wavy. The best part about this one is the steady drum backing that holds up what the calmer parts have to offer. This complements the deeper vocal bursts beautifully, also adding more emotion than what I’d anticipated. Closer “Bloodlust” is the longest track, carrying the least amount of innovation. Huge fans of the genre will likely love its straightforward nature and devastating feel. I prefer the first two tracks just because of their abilities to cast more relatable feelings, especially in a genre I don’t typically go for.

But ultimately, I’m quite certain that Demo I achieved exactly what Malignament set out to do, mixing despair and beauty in a way that isn’t redundant. Great production, great vibes, consistency, and a solid foundation are all present. Anyone who’s into black metal needs to give these songs a listen, and I would honestly recommend it to people who aren’t as big on the genre either.

According to the Bandcamp page, Demo I was released back in October of last year, but my promo is saying that its release day is today (January 31st) with Purity Through Fire. Either way, I’d tell you to hop over to the page and buy a copy, but it looks like they’re sold out, unfortunately. Keep an eye open!

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