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Track Premiere: Reducer – “Shell of Deceit”

Toiling away in the Detroit underground the last couple of years, crossover mutants Reducer are prepped to release their first album, and Indy Metal Vault got the first crack at “Shell of Deceit.” I’m not going to lie to you: “Shell of Deceit” is raw, sloppy, and yeah, it absolutely fucking thrashes!!!!

Reducer have chosen some great influences, and in spite of crossover being a somewhat venerable genre, there’s nothing dated about “Shell of Deceit.” Sure, there’s plenty of Slayer style riffing throughout the track, but it’s used more like a launchpad and less like a pedestal. Also, they co-exist nicely with the unhinged Excel-style vocals. There’s really nothing bad to say about “Shell of Deceit,” it’s honestly a very refreshing addition to crossover canon. But enough about what I think, go ahead and give the song a listen, let’s see what you think.

Reducer will be releasing their debut album this Sunday opening for Leeway at The Sanctuary in Detroit, MI

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