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EP Review: Anthropophagous – Spoiled Marrow

Coming from the cooler climate of Massachusetts is Anthropophagous, a band heavily rooted in OSDM aesthetic. Their debut EP Spoiled Marrow is a very quick listen, but it has a surprising amount of things going on. Their aim is clearly to spread a massive amount of filth in the most grueling ways, churning out four songs that amazingly stand apart from one another.

Looking at the album art, you’ll quickly learn that this is actually meant to be a bit goofy too, and I can’t say I take much of this seriously. The opening track “Trial By Fist And Stone” catches you by the throat and sucks you deep into its depths of sharp rhythms and fast momentum. Everything that one could ask for regarding early death metal is here and in your face. Unfortunately, that doesn’t last beyond the first track. “Anthropophagous” follows this, led with a strong bass lick that’s way too misleading. The vocals here are so corroded that they no longer have the life displayed on the first track. The punchiness of the rhythms is completely gone, and this song fails to achieve what was presented a few minutes prior.

“Illness Enthroned” starts the next half, teetering somewhere between the first two songs. Nothing blatantly offensive, but nothing really keeps you either. Closer “Memento Mori” borders doom/death, implementing drawn out riffs with fuzzy tones, which was decent but not very sharp.

Truth be told, I’m pretty sure Spoiled Marrow did exactly what the band wanted it to. I’m not too sure what “death metal for lizard brain” means, but somehow I feel like it fits. Way worse things have happened, but I can’t say this EP is really for me. Give the first song a listen for sure.

Spoiled Marrow will be out on March 13th, 2020, through Blood Harvest records. Find yourself a 7” vinyl copy in various colors at their Bandcamp page.

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