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EP Review: Necro Chaos – Spiral Of Obscurity

For what is the debut EP by Portuguese death metallers Necro Chaos, Spiral Of Obscurity is pretty damn focused and far less muddy than you would imagine. They offer up about twenty minutes of grueling vocals, punchy riffing, and steady construction that rings in tones that wouldn’t be out of place on a thrash effort. None of the songs blatantly rise above the surface, but there’s enough to walk away with, which is evident right away in “Casket Breaker.”

Multiple vocal styles are used throughout. The deep gutturals take precedence overall, but higher shrieks with a hard rasp make themselves present too. This, blended with the thrashier tones ring in a lot of melodic death metal flavors. I also have to give them credit for allowing the bass passages a lot of presence, also jumping out in the opening track. “Infernal Flood” has the best chord progressions, shifting up and down between octaves. Even tighter execution can be found in “Entanglement Of War,” as it uses an inclining crawl in the solo, making this my favorite track. The title track is the longest one, closing things off on a slower note, with enchanting sound effects added to leave a chilling impression.

Admittedly, there aren’t a boatload of other things that come out of Spiral Of Obscurity. I really love the general idea of what they have going on, and it makes for a promising idea of what to expect with a full length. A few more unique entities could make this spectacular, but for now, what we have is worthwhile. Death/thrash fans should seek it out.

Spiral Of Obscurity will be released in tape cassette format through Hellprod Records on March 20th, 2020. Get a copy right here.

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