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EP Review: Sign Of Evil – Psychodelic Horror

This was definitely an intriguing band to come across. Sign Of Evil are a Chilean act very atypical of all the genres they hit. Psychodelic Horror is a barrage of speed metal riffs touching punk platforms while dipping its toes into puddles of synthy Horror between tracks. Comprised of six songs, none of which run past the three-minute mark, it’s understandably a quick smorgasbord of unlovable tunes in all of the right ways.

The bulk of the make-up shares the same center core. Death metal growls that have an echoed resonance, matching the speed-riffing clobber every track. The tones of the leads are unconventional, giving the feeling of an intentional whine to cast a ghostly haze. The descending passages at the end of “Horror” give a good taste of that. “Spilling Black Signs” dials those back to give off a suspenseful feeling that leads into the abrupt “Force To Eternity.” This is one of the songs that lets on the punk attitude with little hesitation, opening with a classic punky bassline. The first song “Death Will Rise” really douses the listener with thick bass lines as well, and the whiny leads compliment it so well.

But the thing that ties everything together is all of the synthy interludes that are included briefly in almost every track. This allows Psychodelic Horror to feel like it has some level of contained structure, considering everything else about it chaotic to large extremes. “Death Crew” slowly leaves us with that, before cutting to complete black. I also appreciate “Guilty” for utilizing deep drones to lead into its ballistic blasts.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect with this, but what I got was a swiftly crafted pile of occult-obsessed speed/punk tunes. There’s a lot piled on the top, so it may be a grower for many. But once you’ve adjusted your eyes (And stomach), you won’t be sorry. I imagine this being a very fun tape to spin constantly in October.

Psychodelic Horror will be out on March 12th, 2020, through Caligari Records on tape cassette formats. Grab yours right here, but hurry, as it’s a limited to 150.

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