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Track Premiere: Kurnugia – “Eroded Faith”

When the world is so immersed in cruelty, death, destruction, and ignorance, it’s bound to cause rapid reaction across the globe. Even worse, when it’s caused by humans, some might go as far as saying that they’re losing faith. Whether that be in humanity, God, or anything that you hold near and dear, it’s bound to crumble during a time of crises. Cleveland death metallers Kurnugia (referring to “the underworld,” according to Babylonian mythology), are all too familiar with the concept, displayed in a track known as “Eroded Faith.” Erosion happens all around us, at all hours of the day, but what better way to cast such a feeling of that happening than through the sound of burning hot, punchy death metal riffs with guttural vocals?

Orienting their sound around early to mid-’90s, Kurnugia offer an explosive charge of fast riffs and horrid vocals. Though not as primal as the first waves, they heavily compare to acts along the lines of Decapitated, and the band manages to keep things straightforward within this realm. Steadier rhythms keep a small dose of variance, allowing the speedier chops to break apart a bit. They trade off somewhat rapidly, but the vocals spread consistency across the whole glacier of fury, tied together with a clean but mean production. So hit that link below to enter a harsh and unfriendly environment of faith that’s eroded to nothingness.

The debut full-length titled Forlorn And Forsaken will be out on April 27th, 2020, through Memento Mori Records. If you like what you hear, jump right on that. If you’d like another sample, check out another tune ahead of its release right here.

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