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Album Review: The Medea Project – Sisyphus

The Medea Project are a South African-born doom duo that have been around since 2003, only releasing their debut self-titled EP in 2017 and now unleashing their first full-length monster, Sisyphus. Now based in the UK, they look to dominate with this new music.

Their sound is a heady mixture of classic doom with goth seasoning and a pinch of occult rock, kind of a Candlemass-meets-Type O Negative vibe. The atmosphere is dark and foreboding, and the doom is crushingly heavy and vibrant, not to mention that the dynamics are so well-spaced that when it gets quiet, it’s deadly, and when the heaviness arrives, it hits HARD.

“To Know Us Is To Fear Us” is a highlight, with Paradise Lost-esque vocals and a driving riff that will tunnel straight through the ears. “FEAR,” “Reaver,” and “Babylon” are also monolithic beasts that leave no-one breathing. But The Medea Project’s true light shines on the longer, more intimate songs like “The Ghosts Of St. Augustine” and “The Desert Song,” where they really flex their inner demons and navigate dark and creepy territory. The album as a whole, as with most doom records, deserves to be ingested completely in one sitting, where the listener can take in the full journey as it was intended.

Live, the music must be quite intimidating and enormous, and I’m sure they will make waves with the newer material in their set, sub-sonic levels rippling and buckling the floorboards. But for those of us that love an album that resonates on all levels on headphones (alone in the dark, preferably), Sisyphus is a giant collection of songs that allow for new and tasty surprises with every listen. Do not miss this one.

RELEASE DATE: March 20, 2020


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