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Album Review: Gomorra – Divine Judgement

Formed as a spin-off of sorts from Gonoreas (A wise move on that name change, I wager), Gomorra’s first album Divine Judgement is an aggressive yet melodic display of power/thrash metal. It reminds me of a cross between the most recent efforts by Testament and Iced Earth as the shredding leads and galloped rhythms are anchored in an incredibly thick guitar tone. The latter band’s influence especially shines in the lead vocals, which channel Stu Block in their mid-range croons and occasional falsettos.

These ingredients come together for a largely fast-paced outing, but there is still some room for nuance. “Out of Control” grinds the momentum to a halt after three speedy tracks, emulating Iced Earth’s “Anthem” with a slower chug and inspirational tone. “Children of the Land” echoes this uplifting attitude with a more active trot and I do appreciate the more overt power metal flamboyance seen on “Cleansing Fire” and “Never Look Back.”

But with this in mind, the album would certainly benefit from some extra catchiness. While the choruses on songs like “Flames of Death” and “Brother We’re Damned” are fairly memorable, they don’t have the spark that would put them into the stratosphere. It’s especially apparent with “Out of Control” as its anthemic tone is seemingly screaming for a sing-along that doesn’t quite pan out.

Overall, Gomorra’s Divine Judgement is a solid power/thrash effort with plenty of room for potential development. Some extra personality or a more definitive vision would’ve greatly boosted the material beyond its influences, but the musicianship is serviceable enough to see it through. It has some inherent enjoyability for me as a fan of this style, but I can imagine something even stronger on the horizon.

“Flames of Death”
“Brother We’re Damned”
“Children of the Land”
“Never Look Back”

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