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Track Premiere: Pyre – “Across The Shores Of Emerald Fractals”

I gotta be honest; I had to look up what the word “fractals” meant. It’s basically a geometric curve or pattern that repeats itself in a similar manner to a greater whole that reflects that shape. All I could imagine was a shore of emeralds shaped like this, and how fucking painful it would be to walk across that. Whether that was the idea that the Russian death metal trio Pyre wanted or not, their new track titled “Across The Shores Of Emerald Fractals” casts a similar feeling of graininess in the ears.

But this is pleasant, rather than painful. Though I wouldn’t call this straight up OSDM, it does have a straightforward and traditional build to it. The tones here make for an overall thicker presence in delivery, matching the vocals quite nicely due to their grunting nature with hoarse kicks to them. Their upcoming album Chained To Ossuaries doesn’t come out until the end of April, but you can get a taste with this track that I’m breaking out today. Hear it at the link below!

Chained To Ossuaries will be released on April 27th, 2020, through Memento Mori records.

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