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Album Review: Noroth – It Dwells Amongst Us

What truly dwells amongst us is a common distaste for humanity, especially in a world of harsh and unforgivable riffs. The Seattle based death metal outfit Noroth make that very clear in their debut album It Dwells Amongst Us (boy, wasn’t that clever). They spew hateful passages that allow the music itself to reflect the tone and lyrical content in a complimentary way. What’s at stake is an older styled production with crushing rhythms and the occasional doom unloading.

Monotonous chugs are the biggest contributing factor to the doomier numbers. They serve a solid purpose, invoking extra weight for the steady bridges. “Cerberus” brings that to another level, implementing harder drum kicks to amp up the intensity. It also holds back the guitars to allow a fuming bassline to back the vocals partway through, making it the most standout number. “Extinction, Prisoner Ov Splendor” makes the buzzing tones more obvious, droning itself into a chaotic frenzy of blitzing riffing and drum kicks. The end of it is very different, owning the slowest moment with breakdown-like chugs and tremolos in the cracks. A bit tough, but serviceable.

Like most efforts of this type, It Dwells Among Us also holds some candid tunes for easier digestion. “Ironclad Primitive Intent” lets on raging rhythms that stick to the same pattern while varying the tempo for memorability. To the opposite end, the title track packs in a little bit of everything, but it probably contains the grooviest riff in the entire lot. For the most part, Noroth are able to keep all of this in neat tact, albeit getting a bit tiresome with the pinch harmonics.

I think that this band’s debut full-length is a nice helping of multiple death metal backings funneled through a similar aesthetic, and I highly recommend it to fans of the genre. There isn’t anything too surprising save for the standout moments, but I dig what they’ve got going on here—a brief serving with some occasional hot spices, but nothing too tough to take.

It Dwells Amongst Us will be out on April 10th, 2020 through Caligari Records. Pre-order a tape cassette and hear it digitally right here.

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