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Album Premiere: Luctus – Užribis

Indy Metal Vault is proud to partner with Inferna Profundus Records to premiere the fourth album by the Lithuanian black metal band Luctus one day prior to its official release date (April 4th, 2020).

After working vigorously for five years, Luctus have created this marvelous overture of thoughtfully crafted black metal.  This isn’t your standard, generic black metal fare. There are guttural growls, there are moments of beauty, there are moments of vitriol, there is avant-garde experimentation, there is nuanced orchestration, and all of these elements culminate into an album that will surely be one of my favorite releases of the year. Inferna Profundus Records have described the album as ‘a spiritual journey through the obscure depths of the soul,’ but that isn’t to say that the album is inaccessible.  There are some real bangers on here, even for people that lean more towards death than black in their musical preferences.

After listening to this album myself, I’d highly recommend it to fans of Bölzer, Svartidauði, Mitochondrion, Outre, and Odraza.

You can pick up the album on April 4th on CD and LP through Inferna Profundus Records. Be sure to also follow Luctus on Facebook.

Without further adieu, I present you Užribis in all its feral, transcendental glory:


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