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Album Review: Bitterness – Dead World Order

Going for cheap heat and comparing an album to a professional wrestler, Dead World Order is a Bret “The Hitman” Hart kind of album. Potential album title irony aside, Dead World Order is a clinic in raw skill. There may be those put off by Bitterness’ use of latter-day Kreator as a launchpad, but they’re much more abrasive in both vocals and the rhythm department. Speaking of which, thrash hooks galore!!! These hooks really stand out due to not only their technicality but also being backed up by some of the dirtiest and loosest bass chops out there.

Bitterness isn’t a band that’s afraid to explore. Whether they’re showing flirtations with death/doom and crossover on “Dead World Order,” displaying their instrumental prowess on “The Last Sunrise” and “Darkest Times,” or cranking out grade A ragers like “A Bullet A Day” and “Idiocracy,”  the album operates on many different settings. Sure, there may be times towards the beginning of the album where it may be easy to dismiss the Kreator influence. But the sheer competence ends up overpowering Dead World Order through its progression, which goes back to the ultimate point of this review: skill.

Research indicates that Bitterness has had a rather active career, and their experience has paid off. Well rounded and tough, if you want a solid slab of modern-day Teutonic thrash, this album won’t disappoint.

Dead World Order will be released on May 15th. For pre-order information, please visit Bitterness’ Facebook page. 

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