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Demo Review: Nexwomb – Conquerored Seraphic Pestilence

Have fun trying to say that title out loud. Vardlokker has been a busy musician lately, dropping multiple records by multiple projects in a small amount of time. If you recall, the end of last year saw a Witchbones album that was jarring, albeit quite niche. Nexwomb, another black/death project, unleashed Exegesis Of Nihility, and to follow that up, we’re gifted with a demo that’s a fast blast to the face known as Conquerored Seraphic Pestilence. It truly is as crushingly harsh as the words themselves suggest.

Simply put, this is a slightly tighter executed version of what came with The Seas Of Draugen, casting the same horrific vocal style. Long howls that blend with the growling nature of death metal vocals meet haunting resonance to give it that grueling and in-comprehensive feel. But the instrumentation is actually more aligned with what the pioneers of the OSDM and black metal acts dropped. We open with “Portals Of Exogenesis,” sticking to the basic construction described above, being the most digestible.

“Animus Sanguinary Oblation” continues that before completely shifting the riff structure into something rather choppy, working well with the production. The way the steady drum kicks ease their way in is nifty, and I’d likely name this my favorite song. “Sacreligious Contagion” holds the hottest flame in regards to speed, catching the breakneck speeds immediately and holding out through the entire (short) track. This leaves us with “Devotion To Nullity,” an outro-type number that deals strictly in crumbling soundscapes and suspenseful crashes of what appear to be thunder.

So yeah, you could probably say that Conquerored Seraphic Pestilence aims to darken your thoughts with hatred and fear, given the demonic sounding attributes and punching black/death metal backing. The musicianship itself is actually rather tight for a demo, especially one of this nature. If you can spare the twelve minutes, this is very much worth your time.

Conquerored Seraphic Pestilence dropped on April 18th, 2020, through Red Door Records. Find it here, here, or here!

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