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EP Stream: Bones – Gate Of Night (12″)

Wow, if that sleeve doesn’t immediately pique your interest, then I’m demanding you leave the hall! A filthy, dank setting that just looks like it reeks of darkness and disease, with a massive three-headed snake slithering through what appears to be statues, is not only fitting for what’s bestowed before us but impressively artistic in its own merit. Add the fact that it almost looks like it’s underwater, and you’ve got some true discomfort. Some look for exactly that in their death metal, some like things to be a bit more surface-level and easier to take in. If the latter is you, best excuse yourself from the situation now.

I say that because Bones are exactly the former. They hail from Belgium, holding no full-lengths to their name yet, but a couple of grimy EPs and demos. Gate Of Night is adding itself to that pile, a 12″ effort containing nothing but brutal and discomforting death metal in the form of one song on each side. “Utterance Beyond Death” is the easier of the two, but that doesn’t mean much when it’s still as pleasant as sleeping in a pile of barbed-wire. Though the musical build is rather traditional to death metal, the vocals jump all over the place. From deep gutturals to higher hoarse outbursts, it all entangles itself in a frenzy of chaotic riffing and passages that wave the tempos up and down.

The title track is where it really burns, though. This one is longer, adding in soaring soundscapes of haunting instrumentation and loads of doomy presence within the mix. You can get a sense of what sounds like saws and machine tools in the background of the second half, where the trudging riffs carry all of the weight before erupting into a wailing solo. Man, oh man, a band with such a simple name creating something so devastating is a force to be reckoned with. If that was Bones’s goal, they’ve achieved it. I heavily urge you to hit that link down below, because today I am streaming both songs for your listening pleasure!

Gate Of Night will be out on April 24th, 2020, through Blood Harvest Records. Pick yourself up a physical copy right here!

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