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Album Review: Cryptic Brood – Outcome Of Obnoxious Science

Oftentimes when you think of doom/death, you think of longer drawn-out songs packed with horrid growling and trudging riffs. Germany’s Cryptic Brood is a different story. Not only do their songs rely more on shorter and sharper blasts, but I’ve managed to find some punk droppings in their latest album, intentional or not. Outcome Of Obnoxious Science is their most recent effort, giving a healthy amount of guts and gore packaged in a messy fashion.

I say this because of how unstructured everything feels, figuratively boiling over a poorly designed structure. All of the instruments stand so far apart due to the mix that they all wind up sharing the spotlight. Thick, bumpy bass lines are responsible for transitioning the slower riffs into the fast pummeling ones. “Harrowing Hallucinations” hits almost every speed on the spectrum, and the instant shift into “Mantled With The Stench Of Death” is sudden and dramatic. Even this one simmers down quickly, though, with the drum kicks guiding everything.

The punkier parts shine through when the album takes the slammier direction. For one, the vocals heavily reflect your hardcore shouts whenever growls aren’t taking the forefront, even caking on that smeary echo. “Haunted By Nightmarish Visions” is loaded with punk energy, from the buzzing, mosh-friendly riffing all the way to the blackened backing. Some of the drum patterns common in that style show themselves as well, like in the ending of “Slaves Of Hypnotic Commands.”

But as neat as all of that is, that doesn’t mean that Outcome Of Obnoxious Science is exactly a great listen. There’s nothing wrong with the approach taken where things are scattered all over the place, but what’s missing is that overall hook or an endgame. Most of these songs could be shuffled around, and you’d hardly be able to tell the difference. Little direction is fine, as long as it’s able to stick. Unfortunately, it’s not.

Cryptic Brood are an interesting enough act that I feel just haven’t fully found their potential. If nothing else, they sure knew how to make something that stands out of the pack. The issue is that the songs themselves don’t stand apart at all, ultimately feeling redundant after forty or so minutes of this. It’s worth checking out, but I don’t see myself returning.

Outcome Of Obnoxious Science came out on November 22nd, 2019, through War Anthem Records. Find yourself a vinyl or CD, and hear it digitally right here.

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