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Three Ways Journalism Helps Your Career

One of the big things I see from bands and passionate fans is that they aren’t sure how to better engage with the community. Of course, the big secret to being able to advance in the music industry at all is by engaging with the community. So I’m here to tell you that the best way to engage is by simply starting to write for a blog like this one.

Music journalism is a great way to start to get known within your music community. Why? Because it gets you interacting with new people, it gives you a heightened awareness of the scene and means that you get to do something nice for people. These are all things you need if you want to be able to bring your band to that next level.

  1. Music Journalism Gets You Meeting People!

This is key. Music journalism gets you going from just a dude in a band or a fan to someone who is talking with a variety of PR people, label reps, and other bands very quickly. It’s not even that hard to get started – you just have to ask your favorite underground blog if you can start writing!

The thing is the barrier for entry to getting promos and writing is very low because PR people are always looking for new motivated folks to write reviews of their bands, as are bands. This means if you are dedicated, you can get a quick start and rapidly begin meeting people who you can work with for your whole career as a band – exciting stuff, right?

  1. It Grows Your Awareness of the Scene!

I don’t think people understand how important it is to have a deep awareness of your musical community when trying to expand your band. Why? Because there is simply so much going on, and you need to be at the heart of it. You need to be able to see what’s cool, what’s working, and what isn’t if you want to grow, and music journalism is your key to that.

When I got started writing about underground bands when I was 14, I immediately started to learn a lot about band marketing because I was tooling around a new band’s Facebook page every day looking for details for reviews. This lead to a super-fast education in how to grow bands. You can do the same thing just by letting music journalism open your eyes!

  1. It’s A Nice Thing To Do For People!

Any time you can do something nice for the scene, you are winning. This is true of booking shows, letting people crash on your floor, and of course, writing reviews. Any time people get a chance to engage with you in a positive way, you are building your network. Music journalism enables all of this.

Furthermore – by using music journalism to grow your connections in the scene, you’re putting out good, which means you are much more likely to have good things reciprocated for you. It won’t be 1:1, but it will be highly advantageous for you if you are already someone who the scene views as a ‘good dude’ and who has made meaningful contributions to the community.

In brief… even writing one article a week for a site like Indy Metal Vault can really open up doors for you and get more people engaging with you than ever before. It’s fairly easy to leverage these relationships into new fans for your band. It’s only by giving back that we grow. With all your free time in quarantine – why not start growing with journalism today?

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