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2019 Extravaganza

Top 100 Albums of 2019: The Messick Edition

Kyle J. Messick
2019 marks an incredible year for extreme metal, with a resurgence of the raw, old school death metal sound popularized in the pre-digital days, as...
2019 Extravaganza

Top 20 Albums of 2019: The Angelo Edition

Angelo Sasso
I have a confession to make: most people aware of metalhead in-jokes have probably put together that Angelo Sasso isn’t my real name.  I’ve been...
2019 Extravaganza

Top 20 Albums of 2019: The Frasier Edition

Sean Frasier
Fellow mutants and odious comrades, the new year is almost upon us! Before we’re swallowed by 2020’s promising onslaught of releases, let’s take a glance...
2019 Extravaganza

Top 20 Albums of 2019: The Nigel Edition

Nigel Holloway
It’s list season once more! Who can resist? After a slow start to the year, and with a few barren spots here and there, 2019...
2019 Extravaganza Features

Top 10 Albums of 2019: The Max Edition

Max Barber
Often it feels like with each passing year that goes by, the flux of albums coming out always seems to grow more and more, and...
2019 Extravaganza

Top 20 Albums of 2019: The Latta Edition

Chris Latta
There’s always bound to be some extra baggage when reflecting on the last year of a decade. How did 2019 cap off the 2010s and...
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Top 20 Albums Of 2019: The Girvin Edition

Nichalas Edward
Picking and ordering my top twenty albums at the end of the year has always been a bit of a stressful task. Trying to find...
2019 Extravaganza

Top 20 Albums of 2019: The Dustin Edition

Dustin Miller
Wow, 2019 has been a great year to be a metalhead. Great moments, great concerts, and most importantly, great albums. There has been an excessive...
2019 Extravaganza

30 Nasty 2019 Demos That You Have to Hear

Kyle J. Messick
This year has been incredible, not just for monstrous LPs, comeback EPs, and ambitious splits, but also for incredible demos.  And not only are there...