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Metal Culture

Underrated: Nineties Australian Death Metal

Kyle J. Messick
This article is available in video and text format.  Scroll down for text. There are many countries whose death metal scenes get constant and universal...
The Adventures of Indiana Man

Adventures of Indiana Man: Netherlands Deathfest with Intestine Baalism, Viscera Infest, and More!

Kyle J. Messick
As I finish up my final foreseeable year living abroad, I knew there was one event I didn’t want to miss: Netherlands Deathfest IV.  I...
The Adventures of Indiana Man

Adventures of Indiana Man: HRH Vikings Festival (Dec. 1st & 2nd, 2018, Sheffield, England)

Kyle J. Messick
HRH Vikings is the first encounter I’ve had with an HRH event. HRH (Hard Rock Hell) are a business that I can’t find much information...
Guest Columns Projections of Death and Horror Tales From the Vault

Projections of Death and Horror, Part III: The Projectionist’s Lörd Matzigkeitus on His Favorite Horror Films

Clayton Michaels
We’re another week closer to Halloween, which means there’s one week less to wait for the release of the first installment of The Projectionist’s Shakespearean black...