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Norther Rundown - Indy Metal VaultCanada’s metal scene is as vibrant as it is underappreciated. Not just the home of Kataklysm, Voivod and Strapping Young Lad, it also has a thriving underground. That is what inspired Indy Metal Vault to debut Great Dark North, your resource for all things Canadian and metal.

Welcome to the first Northern Rundown, where we run through the best material to come out of the Great White North this week! Well, we say this week, but as this is the first edition of Northern Rundown, we’re going to have to be playing a bit of catch-up. Here’s some of the best Canadian metal to grace our ears in the last while!

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Great Dark North: An Interview With Dylan Gowan of Iomair

Max Morin
In the latest edition of GREAT DARK NORTH, we caught up with Dylan Gowan of the new progressive folk metal project Iomair. Is progressive folk...