Category : Splattered Platters

As dedicated as the writers are here at the Vault, the metal scene is an infinite black hole of fantastic releases, with simply too many to take on.  This is certainly an excellent trait for the metal community, as it represents the strength of the metal genre as of now and how much influence and respect it has managed to garner over the years.  From our perspective though, there are so many quality records being released every week that only some are given the opportunity of a full review, most are sacrificed due to our constraints as mortal beings and our absence of time.  My reasoning for creating this series is to shed light on those obscure releases, at least the ones I value. In no way does this negate these musical offerings to an informal observation, however. They are still to be ripped to shreds in terms of quality or lack of such, but as this series is for great secluded releases, there aren’t too many negative aspects within any of these records/EPs.  This series shall also primarily be dedicated to Death Metal and all of its variants, hence the name. In addition, the format of this feature shall be split into two parts: the “Main Course” and the “Side Dishes.” The “Main Course” is the primary segment, the records of the best quality that you simply have to check out. On the other hand, the “Side Dishes” records that are still of quality, but just don’t compare to the quality of the “Main Course.”