Category : The Antipodean Flame

Hails! Aaron here from quite possibly the shittiest webzine in gutters of the internet, Black Metal Daily. You may have heard various cringeworthy things about Australia, such as it doesn’t exist (does anything, really?), we survive solely on Vegemite, Fosters and shrimps on a barbecue [ed. note: umm…it’ called a ‘barbie.’ You sure you’re Australian, dude?] (I haven’t barbecued a shrimp in my entire life… The rest is true), or we frequently call each other “cunts” as a show of affection (also true).

However, what you might not have heard is that we have an absolutely thriving black metal scene to rival anywhere in the world. From the biggest bombastic blasts to the most depraved howls from the raw underground, the black flame is alive and well down here and I’m honoured that the absolute lords at Indy Metal Vault have graciously allowed me some space in their esteemed publication to do two of my favourite things in the world: yell in grotesquely obnoxious fashion at anyone who will listen about how fucking goodour music is, and to shove all sorts of deserving new releases in everyone’s faces.