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Black Celebration Reviews

Black Celebration, Volume I

Clayton Michaels
There’s a lot of black metal in the world, and despite what some people may believe based on how much writing I do here at the...
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Album Stream + Interview: Dakhma – Hamkar Atonement

Clayton Michaels
For some reason, I’ve always liked the idea of musical collectives – groups of likeminded musicians working together to further a specific ideology or achieve...
Album Reviews Reviews The Antipodean Flame

The Antipodean Flame #1

Aaron Dexter Bray
Hails! Aaron here from quite possibly the shittiest webzine in gutters of the internet, Black Metal Daily. You may have heard various cringeworthy things about...
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Track Premiere: Byyrth – “Call of the New Legion”

Clayton Michaels
At some point last year, I started seeing the phrase “vampyric black metal” appear with more and more frequency. Granted, it’s not actually anything new—once...