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IN HELL CONVERSATION IS FUTILE: A Short Film by La Torture Des Ténèbres

Clayton Michaels
On November 30, Grey Matter Noise Productions will be reissuing the first three La Torture Des Ténèbres albums – Acadian Nights, Choirs of Emptiness, and Civilization is the Tomb of...
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Split Premiere: Ashen Chalice and La Torture des Ténèbres + An Interview With Laethyan of Ashen Chalice

Clayton Michaels
It’s been less than a month since I last wrote about Ottowa’s mysterious atmospheric black/noise merchants La Torture des Ténèbres, when I interviewed the band’s only semi-publicly...
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An Interview With J.K. of La Torture des Ténèbres

Clayton Michaels
Mysteriousness in black metal is nothing new. Hell, I couldn’t tell you how many bands I’ve interviewed who preferred to stay completely anonymous. It’s always...