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Black Celebration, Volume I

Clayton Michaels
There’s a lot of black metal in the world, and despite what some people may believe based on how much writing I do here at the...
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Track Premiere – Enon Chapel – “Miasma From the Charnel House”

Clayton Michaels
For those of you who aren’t up on your Victorian-era British history, London experienced a major population boom during the early to mid-19th Century, which led...
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Album Stream + Interview: Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect – The Power of Unordained Light

Clayton Michaels
As a general rule, most metal sites tend to focus their black metal coverage on the Portuguese, Icelandic, Québécois, Polish, Dutch, Swiss, etc. undergrounds –...
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Album Review: L.O.R.E. – Gateways: Between the Scales of Destitution and Ascension

Clayton Michaels
As I mentioned a few weeks back when we premiered “Gateway I,” 2018 has been something of a difficult year for L.O.R.E. So much so...